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About Us

We are five brothers from a family of 10 children who know what it means to serve, protect, and defend our freedom. One Fire Fight (1FF) is a company founded on faith, family, and community. We are all in a “fight,” whether it be physical, emotional, or mental and 1FF is built to encourage and represent your personal “fight.” 

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Our Mission

One Fire Fight is a Veteran-owned custom apparel company that supports and gives back to those who serve our country, families and communities. This company is for every single person who is out there “fighting,” but highlights the service that our Military, Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, and Medical Professionals provide to everyone. Our company is built on the pillars of integrity, quality, customer service and philanthropy.

Our Stories

Arthur Athens is an active-duty Army officer, serving over 16 years in numerous leadership positions managing multi-million dollar projects and leading troops during several combat tours overseas.  

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer


Jonathan Athens has spent the last seven years at a Fortune 500 company, a leader in the uniform and apparel industry.  He has held numerous leadership positions across every department.  

Chief Financial Officer and Manufacturing Director 


Chief Financial Officer and Manufacturing Director

Peter Athens is serving as a police officer in Texas and was a two-sport collegiate athlete at the Division 1 level. 

Customer Success Manager and Social Media Director

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Stephen Athens has spent six years serving as an active-duty Coast Guardsman with several counter narcotics deployments in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. He also specializes in material fabrication, multimedia production, and personnel management. 

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Design Director, Assistant Marketing Officer, and Developer

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Andrew Athens is currently a Deputy Sheriff in South Carolina and a head lacrosse coach of a world team. Andrew was an NCAA Division I lacrosse player and went on to be a collegiate associate head lacrosse coach. 

Chief Marketing Officer and Sales

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What's your Fight?

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